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The Fall aka The Best Fantasy’s Are the Ones We Have Together 


I love everything about this movie: if you look at my other reviews, I have never reviewed a movie and given it a 10/10. First off, I love Lee Pace and by the end of the movie I had a full blown hard on for Lee Pace ;) I love cinematography and this movie was just beautiful to watch. The details with reality and the story are awesome. SPOILER WARNING: I was so sad when I thought he was going to commit suicide and then when he did live everything took the even darker turn. I was so sad when she fell. But the way it was crafted was just so perfect that she inspired him to safe himself in the story so he could start to save himself in real life. I love the ending as well just another piece of perfection. All in all this movie is just the reason why I watch movies; every little detail leads to something else. I think I could watch it three more times and still find more details I missed before. Also there is nothing wrong with staring at lee pace’s sexy body especially when it’s acting is just so perfect. 

I’m eternally grateful to Tarsem Singh for making this gem of a film.



Richard Armitage - "Thorin Oakenshield" - Interview
Working with Lee Pace.

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The Fall Behind the Scenes: Lee’s Method Acting

Lee Pace spent the two months it took to film The Fall’s hospital scenes a wheelchair. Only a select few of the crew knew that he could actually walk.

“It was hard (…) but it was about getting that performance out of Catinca, and making her feel comfortable with me, and putting the mood on set that she would be sensitive to. I do think it was valuable, because it caught a level of realism in those scenes with Catinca, a privacy and sensitivity that I don’t know we would have gotten without doing it.”

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His eyes and his smile &lt;3

Awww this is one of my favourite part of the interview. &lt;3


His eyes and his smile <3

Awww this is one of my favourite part of the interview. <3


Nine times Lee Pace as Thranduil was pretty, and one time when he was also pretty.

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I miss Joe